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The way we live and travel generates an impact on the environment and it is our responsibility to ensure that this impact is as positive as possible. Travel, mainly aerial, throws large amounts of GHG greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming. Portão 3, in partnership with the UN, allows you to offset all the carbon generated during your corporate trips, reducing your company's carbon footprint and assisting in ESG indicators (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).

Why should I worry about that?

According to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), a plane on a single trip from Europe to Brazil releases an amount of carbon into the atmosphere that is equivalent to what a car, traveling 30km a day, would produce in more than two years. Therefore, carbon offset, an attempt to neutralize the carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere, is essential to avoid worse disasters in the future. The adoption of environmentally sustainable practices also becomes business sustainability:

  • Recognize and address environmental impacts on operations;

  • Increases in environment, security and governance indices (ESG);

  • Attracting investors;

  • Engage employees and customers;

  • Increase reputation and brand image;

  • Differentiate yourself in the market.

How does it work?

The UN carries out carbon neutralization according to recognized market standards through social and environmental projects such as The United Nations Carbon Offset Platform. The carbon footprint of your trip will be calculated by our BI in real time. At the end of the whole month you decide if you want to neutralize the carbon generated by travel. Oh, and the best! You receive a UN + Portão 3 certificate with the serial number of the project that helped! Cool right?

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